:  Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recommend visiting in Japan?
It really depends on you!  Everyone is unique.  If this is your first visit to Japan, we recommend you visit the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).  
If you follow us on social media, you can get some ideas. 
Check out Only In Japan or this website for ideas on Exploring A Different Side of Japan.
If you prefer to leave it all up to us, please contact us.... we'll talk and come up with some ideas. 
The initial consultation is free.
How do you provide remote support?
We like to use technology to provide remote support.  If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, we can help enable you to use these cost effectively while in Japan so that we can support you using your device.  If you travel without tech gadgets, we can still support you via phone and/or email.
How do you plan a trip?
We suggest planning a trip by creating a menu of possibilities, then prioritizing them.  A typical first visit to Japan might include the following phases of travel:
Arrival and Acclimitization:  Adjust to the time difference and climate, establish the essentials for safety and communications, gain confidence in moving around.
Start with some High Priority Activities:  Whether this be seeing (or climbing !) Mt. Fuji, riding a bullet train and sampling culture in Kyoto, or whatever, let's make sure we accomplish the most important things first.
Adjust the Itinerary:  Things change...the weather for example.  It may make sense to do outdoor activities on certain days or visit mountainous areas during clear weather.  This is where having a menu of possibilities gives you the flexibility to modify plans.  This can often be done on a daily basis if you are willing and prepared.
Divide and Conquer:  If you are two or more people, at some point you may have different interests and priorities.  By now, you may have confidence to split up and explore on your own for a few hours or full day.
Sayonara! Given enough time, you may not need a guide!  Our objective is to make you self-sufficient.  Once you reach that point, you can reduce our support and continue on your own.
If this approach doesn't work for you, no problem!  
We are flexible and would love to hear how you prefer to travel. 

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